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Karaoke-Daisuki: We love Karaoke! [entries|friends|calendar]
Karaoke-Daisuki - We love Karaoke!

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Karaoke Subbed PVs [
7.3.09 - 11.09am

Hello! Thought I'd let you all know that I've karaoke subbed a load of PVs! I figured I'd give you a list of them instead of making you search around my comm for them. Just join to download: sci_no_subs

List of my subbed PVsCollapse )I hope this was helpful! ^-^ I do take requests by the way!
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new releases [
2.3.09 - 10.08pm

Hello Karaoke Lovers ^_^

I had some problems while timing and clip editing the Kuchuu Buranko PV but in the end, I made it... somehow.... ^^°

These two files are my first karaoke works, so please have mercy with me! xD
I tried my best being close to the tutorial, but if I got something wrong or if there is anything missing ( or if you have constructive critism, improvement suggestions etc.) I would love to know ^_-

oAi Otsuka- Cherish (non-instrumental karaoke)  [mediafire]
oPlastic Tree- Kuuchuu Buranko (karaoke)  [mediafire]

Enjoy! :D
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2.1.09 - 5.39pm

[ mood | bouncy ]

I've finally got the layout up, so I hope everyone likes it. 8D;

Also, I'd like to take this chance to say I'll be looking at the tutorials tonight and probably will get started on a few videos.
To start I'll do Ayabie - TheMe.

Also, thanks to all of our members for being a part of this community, together we'll make this community the best it can be~!

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Done~~ [
2.2.09 - 12.46am

I'm done with Acid Black Cherry - Black Cherry :D genre: jrock. non-instrumental karaoke.

@ Mediafire
@ Sharebee (thanks  seraphicharm  )

uploaders, please :'D

Comments: I'm really proud of this! i checked it on my TV and i only found one thing i'm not pleased with :'D Great~~ (I'm an absolute perfectionist)
and now i can FINALLY  memorize this song ^^; it's really too bad it has no instrumental track, i want to sing it in real karaoke =_= oh well :'D

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Ayumi Hamasaki - Days and GREEN [
2.1.09 - 6.45pm

I've never done this before, but three days should be more than enough.

Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Song Title: Days
Genre: Japanese Pop
Estimated Time: 3 days

Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Song Title: GREEN
Genre: Japanese Pop
Estimated Time: 3 days
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Working on project [
2.1.09 - 7.55pm


Just to let you all know I'm working on Arashi - Kaze no Mukou e
I have no idea when I'll finish, it depends  on when I have time of from schoolwork. -___-
I'm about half done.
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Working on new projects [
2.1.09 - 7.39pm

[ mood | amused ]

Hello ^^

I'm also working on two projects right now. Thanks to the great guide of takutosuki I'll hopefully be ready in 1-2 days. ^^



oAi Otsuka- Cherish (non-instrumental karaoke)

oPlastic Tree- Kuchuu Buranko (Karaoke)

(Depending on how busy I am, you might hear again from time to time from me since I have some projects which are still unfinished and waiting to be done, so why not finish them and share them with the community? :D )

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Starting a project [
1.31.09 - 4.24pm

Hey there :'3 Just want to post that i'm starting on a new project. This time i'll make Acid Black Cherry - Black Cherry into karaoke. The genre is jrock. My estimated time is within 3 days. I've wanted to make this into karaoke for such a looong time!!! But it doesn't have an instrumental track =________= anyway, Look forward to it :D
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1.31.09 - 2.30am

[ mood | happy ]


New releases (DOUBLE!):

Gackt - Arittake no Ai de (instrumental karaoke)
T.M. Revolution - Vestige (instrumental nonexistent, karaoke)

Direct download links!

Arittake on Mediafire
Arittake on Sharebee

(thanks seraphicharm)

Please, uploaders, upload these to mediafire etc! Also, if anyone knows how, make them a torrent! (we need torrents!) and also upload them to youtube (at your own risk tho)!! AND don't forget to LINK to this community so it can GROW!!! :D

These are the two of three (or more) types of karaoke i want us to make. Notice the differences and the similarities. =D
MM  I'm really happy that i made this X'3!!! Now everyone, download, enjoy, share, spread, use!!
Both are encoded etc, and timed by me.
The T.M. revolution one is gonna be in the examples in the guides that are aaaaalmost done!!

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Introduction: Welcome! and FAQ [
1.31.15 - 1.57am

Hello and welcome to Karaoke-Daisuki!
Check out the tags for information about old releases, joining, affiliates and so on.

Why does our timing of the karaoke suck sometimes? Because the Karaoke-boxes in Japan have worse timing. It's really horrible sometimes. Therefore, why should we be any better? ^__^

Karaoke-Daisuki FAQCollapse )
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Joining! [
1.28.09 - 10.32pm

Want to join us? GREAT!!!

Read these guidelines CAREFULLY! http://community.livejournal.com/karaoke_daisuki/455.html and decide what you want to do after joining us and comment here and we'll send you a private message on LJ!
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Our rules and guidelines! [
1.27.09 - 10.45pm

Hello everyone!

We are a new group, Karaoke-Daisuki, and as our name indicates; we love karaoke! But, why is there no proper, working and simple way to sing japanese karaoke outside of Japan? We want to sing to our favourite songs in japanese! And so our group was formed!

We are trying to make Karaoke in PVs (musicvideos) or other clips (anime openings, etc), and make them into real karaoke by having the karaoke-text over almost the whole screen so it can easily be viewed TVs, and using the instrumental karaoke tracks when available. The text is clearly shown on the screen before you have to start signing it, so you can read the first words beforehand! Our idea is to create something close to the karaoke machines that they have in Japan, so people all over the world will be able to enjoy singing to their favorite music instead of limiting themselves to their own country's music!

We're making all our Karaoke clips into .avi files, which means you can play them on any computer, and watch them on TV by Tv-out. and they are easy to convert into mp4 to play on PSP or iPod, or to MPEG so you can play them on some DVD players. Truely ideal for any kind of parties!

But since we are a new group, we have yet to released almost anything. And if this goes on, it will take many years for us just to release just a few karaoke-clips. This is where we would like your help. There are many ways you can help us, and we offer many choices for anyone wanting to contribute. Join us and become part of the group that makes people sing!! Anyone is welcome!

You can help us in the following ways NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!:
Contributing PVs, karaoke tracks, raw anime openings, other music clips.

Do you have any Japanese media (written above) that is RAW - meaning without any other subbing-group's subs? We want them! Any Japanese music PVs in any genre, any karaoke-tracks for so-so famous songs, any anime openings or endings or extra songs... We want anything! It's very important that they do not contain subs already. Anime openings/endings can have Japanese credits, but nothing done by fansubbers.
Anyone who wants to contribute any of this, will be given access to an FTP (can be accessed by web browsers) where you can easily upload your clips without having to go through uploading-sites.

Sometimes it's hard to find the karaoke (instrumental) tracks from some CDs. If you have any karaoke-tracks for any PVs or songs that we have already released or something that we are requesting, please send us a message!

We do all Japanese music (visual kei, pop, rock, RnB, etcetc) and all anime openings, endings, insert songs, and simply anything that comes from japan. We do not do live-performances or anything that has not been released on a CD. Please don't give us anything from Youtube etc. Giving us a PV will NOT mean we will do it, but we will consider it.

Karaoke Timing (WE NEED THIS VERY MUCH!)

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Timing karaoke means putting in the song texts into the video, and fixing the roll-over text effect that moves together with the singer.You're free to do pretty much as you want.
Want to help us time the karaoke? Great! We can teach you how you can easily do it! You only need one program and some space for the clips! It's much easier than it seems, and we do not expect anything advanced. We will not give you lots of rules, so you can do it pretty much in a way you yourself would like it to be.

We're a busy group, trying to do as many clips as possible in a short time, so we do not expect too much of our karaoke-timers.

YOU CAN TIME YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC CLIPS! (as long as they are Japanese) You never have to do any clips you do not want to do. You can feel free to do them any time! We need as many people as possible, so if you have some time to spare, please help us!

Put the karaoke on the video file

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!! This is a short process, but still needs to be done. It's basically about receiving the Music clip (.avi, about 50 mb) and the subtitle file (.ass, about 5 kb) and merging them. We will provide you guidance on how to do this. This will not take long time at all and is a very easy task! This could include merging the instrumental karaoke mp3 with the .avi file, but not always and it is very fast to do.

Convert files to avi (WE NEED THIS VERY MUCH!)

This basically means converting the files that need to be converted into .avi. Sometimes, PVs and music clips come as .mpeg or .vob, and then it is not as easy to put karaoke (subs) on them. Therefore, we need to convert them into avi! This is VERY easy, but takes time from your computer! You basically don't have to do anything, but to convert a file into another, it will have to run for 5 minutes on your computer. It only needs one program! We will give you guidance and support for every step.

Upload to different uploading-sites

We are a profit-free group, and want to spread the love of karaoke to as many places as we are allowed. Therefore, we would love to have people who can receive our newly released karaoke clips and upload them to fileservers like Megaupload, rapidshare, mediafire and so on! This doesn't take long time, and you get all our new releases as soon as they are out!!

Someone who is good at organizing
We would like someone to join is as a leader together with the current leader of the group, who can help with administration of the group and all the people providing different stuff. Anyone interested, experiences or not, please contact us! You have to have pretty much free time, or at least be able to check your mail almost every day.

Join us and become part of the group that makes people sing!! Anyone is welcome!

We provide tutorials, guides and personal support for anyone who wants to contribute!


(OR http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=d98aec41448c19ecaf924764f9977b1de04e75f6e8ebb871 )

Post here if you want to join: http://community.livejournal.com/karaoke_daisuki/712.html

Spread this to everyone you know!

Thank you for reading!
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